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Microsoft launches Microsoft Teams to tap into online learning amid COVID-19

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Microsoft has launched its own “Zoom” variant, called Microsoft Teams in the bid to tap into online learning and work from home. Recently Zoom has been challenged over its privacy policies following the infiltration of strangers to students online classes. Almost all organizations have been thrust into a new order of working from home and stakeholders have been braced with a new challenge of maintaining optimal working outputs with most of the employees working from home.

Microsoft Teams adoption by major stakeholders

Microsoft has been quite efficient with the implementation of Microsoft Teams, a product that has been adopted by the defense department. With most of the employees working from home, it is not easy to put up an ad but Microsoft Teams pulled through. London’s metropolitan police department has been using Microsoft Teams to respond to emergencies associated with the new COVID19 outbreak. Bologna University has also taken up the site with its team appraising the product from Microsoft.
Elsewhere, a cosmetics company from France, L’Oréal has continued with its business amidst the pandemic and insists that with Microsoft Teams, every company should be able to carry on with its business. Finally, another review comes from St Luke’s Hospital in Pennsylvania and has been able to manage thousands of patients who book in for Medicare.

Security, a major issue of concern for videoconferencing

All these product endorsements are not based on public relations only but reflect a product that is ready to meet the online working marketsdemands. However, there still concerns over security issues by the clients especially with recent negative reviews for zoom and the implications are dire. Zoom bombarding has been the major challenge on the site that hosts thousands of online working communities. Zoom has been delving into the matter to salvage its product’s reputation.
Microsoft Teams has taken zoomschallenge to its own advantage by detailing its own security measures that make it believe that it is more secure than zoom. Moreover, once a reputation is tainted like Zooms case, it’s hard to shake it and turn it around.
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