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Many US teachers have a second job

Many US teachers have a second job

With the beginning of the new school year in the United States (US), teachers and students are back in the spotlight of public attention. Unfortunately, it turns out that a large part of US teachers in preschool and high school need a second job to support their families and cover their expenses. 
While many of them are looking for additional part-time gigs during the summer, others, like Kara Stoltenberg, a high school teacher from Oklahoma, continue with their second jobs throughout the school year. 
But isn’t this too much pressure on US teachers?

US teachers are forced to work more

If you are not part of the educational system, either as a parent a student or a teacher, you might wonder how is it that the people responsible for educating the future leaders of a country have to get into their cashier uniforms after school.
The answer is simple – the system has failed US teachers. What happens is, teacher salaries are insignificant, which has led many faculty members to look for alternative sources of income. In many cases, this turns out to be a second part-time job.
For Ms. Stoltenberg, it turned out to be a second job at the local shopping center. Every day, after she has completed her duties as an educator, she shifts her mindset entirely and goes to her retail position in the nearest shopping mall. 

What does that say about education?

A teacher’s duties are numerous without the added pressure of a second job. Unfortunately, this means that the system is not only working against US teachers but is hindering them from performing their duties with the expected quality.
A typical school day starts at about eight o’clock in the morning and is completed by around four o’clock in the afternoon. However, these are only the hours throughout which teachers have classes inside the school. Aside from that, US teachers are also responsible for grading papers, checking homework, and organizing school trips and activities. This takes at least an additional hour daily.
Can you imagine going to a second job after finishing all these tasks? Every day? This is the way the system works. Teachers are underpaid continuously, with reports saying that educators in California invest most of their finances in classroom supplies. Considering this, it is no surprise that educators around America are looking to secure an additional workplace.


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