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U.S. Justice Department to file lawsuit against Google

lawsuit against google

The U.S. Justice Department is about to file a lawsuit against Google and it’s holding company Alphabet Incorporated.

A lawsuit against Google

News buzzing around about a lawsuit against Google which is being formulated by the U.S. government, headed by the Justice Department. The case is over the lack of data accessibility given to other search engine competition such as Microsoft’s Bing platform. The problem with the Google search engine is that it is dominating the search engine usability competition and choking data from its competitions, which hinders their ability to advertise and improve services. There seems to be a monopoly when it comes to the search engine competition, and it is not good if it is intentionally controlled by certain policies that help disregards its competitions.
On top of the data accessibility issue, the DOJ is also looking into selling ad space under the Google search box results. “Whenever you search for a particular keyword, a list of items for sale that matches the keyword”, and those who pay extra to Google will be given priority in appearing under those ad spaces.
The Justice Department has been looking into Google activities for the past years over the issues of privacy and invading user preferences when using their search engine platform. However, Goggle refuses to admit to the charges being handed over them. They are confident that they haven’t done anything offensive and against the law. They are just simply making business boom with the right tools and the right marketing strategy.
Several state attorney generals are already into Google and its branching businesses, however, it is yet to be determined if they will approve of the federal lawsuit by the Justice Department. Alphabet Inc. leaves the lawsuit against Google to its legal team and will continue to operate and provide its users with the best experience available when it comes to search engine utilization.


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