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Homeschooling survival tips as lockdown looms in the UK

Homeschooling survival tips as lockdown looms in the UK

Parents will be required to offer homeschooling guidance again after the UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced that starting from January 5th, schools would be closed to spread the spread of the virus. The Prime Minister indicated that the lockdown measures were necessary because of the growing cases of coronavirus in the country.

With schools set to close again, parents are now preparing for another homeschooling, where they will be forced to become teachers almost overnight. To avoid making the homeschooling experience more difficult than it ought to be, here are some tips that will help you during the lockdown.

Follow the setout structure

Students will continue with their classes, and most teachers will create daily and weekly plans for their students. As a parent, it is important to align yourself with this scheduling and try to help your child whenever they face difficulties during their studies.

It is important for parents to try and maintain a regular school hour schedule to help children keep the routines they are used to.

Emphasize creativity when homeschooling

It is important for parents to encourage their children to be creative outside their school work. This can be done by encouraging them to take activities such as drawing, coloring, yoga, making recipes, or working on puzzles. Outdoor activities such as jogging can also come in handy as students continue their lockdown.

Connect with students

Parents should remember that connection is still an important aspect of learning. Parents should understand that they have a responsibility to ensure that their children are adjusted to the homeschooling environment and that they are remaining social throughout the lockdown. They should ensure that these children are not feeling lonely and they are participating in virtual playgrounds with their classmates.

Make use of digital tools

Parents should embrace the usage of digital tools during the lockdown. They should assist their children with online platforms they are using, apps and other online learning materials during the lockdown.


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