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Guidance counselling: Integral part of education


Guidance counselling must be made an integral part of the Indian education system.
Competitiveness of the system which places undue pressure on the students could be mitigated with proper guidance, not only to students but also to parents and teachers on how a child can be well nurtured without intense pressure being exerted.
The Indian education system is often characterized by long school hours with competitiveness placed on quantitative rote learning. 
The Intelligence Quotient of the present generation, though better than the previous generations, does not guarantee their career success, as they undergo more psychological problems mostly due to peer pressure and competitiveness.
Learners are also required to carry heavy school bags. Conversely, the Indian education system is, at times, criticized for the improper curriculum adopted. 
These traits sometimes make students fatigued and less innovative because self-learning is not significantly promoted.  Guidance counselling could help students widen and clarify their perceptions.

Changes needed in the Indian education system

Some factors are continuously changing the modern age. For instance, industrialization, globalization, and the explosion of knowledge have prompted substantial transformations in society.
As a result, professional guidance counselling has been necessitated in many sectors, and the Indian education system is not an exemption. 
Guidance counseling is, therefore, fundamental as it enables students to comprehend some of the changes happening, and in the process, they are not affected mentally. 
Education is also a crucial social institute. Guidance counselling becomes essential because it can be viewed as a vital emotional supporting hand. 
The Indian education system, therefore, should offer learners guidance counseling as it boosts their overall development. 
Students are usually equipped with exceptional resources, but they often lack the capability of having a future foresight. Guidance counselling helps eliminate this challenge. 

Guidance counselling alleviates pressure

The Indian education system has been deemed too competitive. As a result, parents have resulted in pressuring their children to perform outstandingly by loading them with many books. 
This has proven to be problematic because these children are usually denied ample time for sports and other outdoor activities. As a result, their physical and mental growth is deterred.
Additionally, they become depressed, and this has proven to be burdensome as they seek to realize their parents’ expectations. This is where guidance counselling evens up the playing field for all.
Conversely, India’s quality education has been made a reality through various technological innovations. As a result, many Indian youths have benefitted through the expansion of their knowledge base. 
For example, modern technology and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly entering the state educational system in India and boosting teaching quality across the country.


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