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George Floyd protests trigger the fight to end systematic racism


The peaceful demonstrations followed by protests across all the 50 states in the United States after the killing of George Floyd, has led to the urge of people trying to end the cycle of racism and inequality, which has been for over 400 years since the founding of America. There is a lot that can be dealt with in the fight against systemic racism by police transformation in order to advocate for change. Education is major in achieving this.

US joins fight against racism

The policy of divide and rule dates back throughout history and has been mostly used by states to weaken enemy alliances and maintain imperial rule. This was a common policy used by the Nazi military. Former US Defense  Secretary James strongly used the policy of divide and rule but the US responded by coming together as one nation, thus unity is strength. 
This saying is important in society especially for Americans as a building bridges initiative. The military could also adopt this and Americans will connect with each other and fight systematic racism.  After the end of World War 2, the U.N. organization was formed primarily for education.
The U.N declared that` since wars begin the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defense of peace must be constructed. ` This has deemed to be found true until in our life today, hence, education must then play an important role and unite everyone across the country. Education provides help in economic growth and also ensures social mobility.
Many of the districts all over the US are on the frontline helping the youth by providing them with a good education.  This is why issues arising due to equality in the access of resources and systematic racism have been attributed to African American pupils landing into not great platforms of learning. Equality to education access must then be instituted.

Education plays a key role in racism fight

Education has helped to create a global community of people who share similar beliefs and views connect and try to create a better place. Terrorists and extremists in Afghanistan adopt similar mechanisms such as manipulation of the policy of divide and rule.  They use education by infiltrating beliefs and views. If education can be used for evil, a lot could be done for doing good.
Later in 1996, the UNESCO  released a report famously known as  De Lors Report  which elaborates the key aspects in education:

  • Studying the know-how: Acquiring knowledge to work on deep levels on a small number of lessons.
  • Studying to do: Not only acquiring the skills but by competently addressing issues as a team
  • Studying to be: Initiating personal responsibility in order to develop someone’s personality
  • Living together: When there s coming together of various people and appreciating their differences

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