E-Learning: An industry worth investing in


The market value of the e-learning industry is growing at around 20 percent annually.

Why online learning?

In a digital world, we are now today, nothing more should be explained as to why e-learning has become such a trend. Almost every individual has access to a gadget and is connected to the internet.
It just shows that online learning is cost-effective and convenient for people lacking in time to commit to physical lectures. In fact, during the COVID-19 outbreak in different countries around the world, online learning became such a big trend.
With schools getting closed and physical classes being suspended, distance learning was the option that school officials went into. Social distancing will be a problem for physical classes, which is why only learning through various education platform was utilized by both government and public schools.

Projection for e-learning

In 2023, the e-learning industry is expected to value around $65 billion. More and more individuals are exploring the functionalities of online learning, not just for academic usage but as well as for training modules in the workplace.
This generation is commonly known for its love for anything fast and instant. With online learning, all data and information are readily available in their gadgets. They can have the luxury of time as to when and where they want to participate in their online endeavors.
In addition, the development shown by e-learning, entices more users, due to its wide range of information resources and high-quality content.
Unconventionally, online learning should thrive in countries that struggle academically. But, recent data shows that the largest users of e-learning resources are those with high ranks in the education quality hierarchy, namely, Asia, North America, and Western Europe.
This is evident in the recent pandemic caused by the COVID-19. Schools at these top regions are part of the pioneers in using online learning to address the lack of possibility to conduct physical classes.


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