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Dangers that "Fake Text" AI could bring

A new technology empowered by AI called “Fake Text” invokes fear and danger by generating highly detailed cybertexts as if it was written by human hands.
This intuitive AI was launched by the leading research lab OpenAI. The policy director Jake Clark also mentioned that Fake Text will significantly contribute to distributing fake news that it will be hard to distinguish it from real with “troll-grade propaganda for social networks.”
It can impersonate any number of trusted media sources and create online public mayhem with clever use of misdirected lies. This can also mean that the AI tech can put up an audience with no real people involved. This is a game changer that may as well flip the current SEO system and hijack it while promoting fake news on the web.
Today, it can be easy to spot in a fair distance a fake bot because of its random and rigid quality of engagement. However, with Fake Text, it will no longer be the case.

Fight with blockchain for trust and awareness

With emerging new technologies and sustainable careers, blockchain shows a promising future against the threat that the Fake Text can potentially bring catastrophic outcomes.
Blockchain technology has end-to-end encryption which makes the entire system flow secure and private. But this could only be possible by undertaking the Fake Text threat with awareness and reliable education. 
From recent research in a job report from Hired, it shows that software engineers with blockchain development skill have a whopping 517% career growth demand in 2019. A quick look over was further emphasized in the research study.

“There was an explosion of demand in the past 12 months for developers with blockchain skills and we expect demand to continue growing as businesses begin implementing its countless use cases, from digital identity and smart contracts to workforce management and distributed data storage.”

From Hired

Fake Text is one of the modern technologies that threaten data security. But with this dire possibility hanging in place, a demand for a system which guarantees a closed and reliable but effective process steadily increases. This can be a clear indication of greater career opportunities with blockchain.
While blockchain is a relatively new tech field, learning it in online courses and programs is rapidly becoming a new trend from universities such as MIT, Princeton, and Stanford. 
Students and crypto enthusiasts can be more proficient and study it at a faster pace by attending programs locally. Taking up extra classes such as joining study groups in language or programming can be more secure and trustworthy thanks to the blockchain without having to worry about the threatening tech AI like Fake Text.


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