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Chicago students revert to online classes

chicago students

The plan to open physical classes for Chicago students will be postponed once again as COVID-19 cases increase.

Full remote learning for Chicago students

Mayor Lori Lightfoot of the City of Chicago announced last Wednesday, all grade levels will continue with remote learning as COVID-19 cases in the US continues to rise.
Before the announcement, the Government of Chicago is already considering the possibilities of face-to-face classes. Assessment for physical classes will be based on parent’s feedback and the number of COVID-19 cases in the area.
A combined face-to-face and remote learning should be on the way, but, COVID-19 cases in the US stayed unpredictable and risky for both students and teachers. Forcing Mayor Lightfoot to place the plan for physical classes on hold and continue with remote learning for Chicago students.

Parents and teachers votes for remote learning to continue

On a survey conducted on parents from various schools in Chicago, more than 40 percent whose children are in elementary sides with remote learning. While 38 percent of parents with students in high school won’t allow sending their children to physical classes.
The Chicago Teachers Union already filed a protest on the plan of reopening physical classes early on, and now they feel accomplished. knowing that the Mayor herself votes for the cancellation of face-to-face classes.
Health authorities in the US are yet to put an end on the rapid spread of the virus in the US, with more and more Americans getting infected daily, the chances of face-to-face activities to be fully restored is a bit trivial for now.


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