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Suicide of bullied student in Michigan: Family wins $500,000 lawsuit against Lansing Everett High School

bullied student in michigan

The case of the bullied student in Michigan who committed suicide finally came into a settlement, with the family winning the $500,000 lawsuit against Lansing Everett High School.

A bullied student in Michigan

The incident happened last year, when a 13-year-old bullied student in Michigan, Michael Martin, committed suicide at their own home in Lansing Michigan. Her family filed a lawsuit against Michael’s school, Lansing Everett High School for the lack of intervention on the case of bullying against their son. The family pointed out that Michael was constantly bullied at school and even at the school bus, but there were no reprimands given by the school administrators against the bullies.
According to Joanna Wohlfert, Michael’s mother, she was constantly making contact with the school administration and the school bus company, but there were no responses and actions made at all. Joanna mentioned about Michael being constantly bullied at school for his weight, even to a point where he was slammed into the recess hall wall. Also, Michael was also being picked upon at the school bus for no apparent reason at all.
The lawsuit amounting to $500,000 has been settled last year with the family receiving two-thirds of the amount and the remaining one third was payment for legal counsel.

No intervention from school administrators

According to Michael’s mother, despite sending out numerous emails and phone calls, the school administration didn’t intervene in the month-long bullying their son has endured. It was November of 2018 when Wohlfert started reaching out to the school due to the negative effect of the bullying on Michael’s grades and school performance. It was not until January that the Vice Principal at Lansing Everett High School responded to her, noting that Michael isn’t willing to give out the names of the students bullying him. Michael was afraid that the bullies will get back at him once he speaks out their names.
By January 23, Michael Martin committed suicide and eventually died on the 25th of January 2019.


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