President Bolsonaro has tested positive for COVID 19, report

bolsonaro has tested positive for covid 19

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, underwent his fourth coronavirus test after showing mild symptoms of the virus on Monday and, consequently, tested positive.
Before the media reported that Bolsonaro has tested positive for COVID 19, he has been nonchalant in the steps he carried out to tackle the virus compared to other nations in the world.
Bolsonaro was quick to call the virus little flu and said he doesn’t risk getting infected. Considering his unseriousness towards curtailing the infection rate, Bolsonaro was against lockdowns in the country. With that, Brazil has the second-highest coronavirus infections and mortality rate, coming second to the United States of America.

President Bolsonaro under risk as a result of his age

According to an interview granted by Bolsonaro, he said that his fever had reduced, and he already fell very well and okay. Continuing in his statement, the president noted that he initially felt unwell around last week after developing a high temperature and had small coughs at intervals.
After the sickness became so severe, he was urged to take a test and now, Bolsonaro has tested positive for COVID 19.
With the president already at 65 years, he stands at a higher risk because of his age. The president said he has been on drugs that will cure him, but none has worked so far.
With his previous tests coming out negative, contact tracing is said to have begun to analyze the number of people who he has come in contact with.
World Health Organization Executive, Dr. Mike Ryan has sent his best wishes and regards to the president while ending the speech with “this shows that we are all susceptible of getting infected”.

With reports that Bolsonaro has tested positive for COVID 19, contacts are asked to self-isolate

When the coronavirus pandemic’s infections were first announced, and when lockdowns were being enforced in different countries in the world, Bolsonaro zeroed the risk of the virus’ effects.
He said it as just going to be like a cold that would be treated within days. When the president said that, the country’s total infections were less than 40,000, and the death rate was a little bit under 3,000.
With all the glaring effects of the virus, the president accused the media of portraying the virus in a deadly way and unleashing panic around the globe.
Days before the president was reported as positive; he attended social functions without the use of face masks flaunting rules that he had to wear one. He was said to have been in contact with the foreign minister to celebrate the independence of America.
With the report that Bolsonaro has tested positive for COVID 19, the people he has come in contact with are advised to go for testing and self-isolate.

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