An AI/ML program by Apple to target niche experts from the US and Europe

An AI/ML program by Apple to target niche experts from the US and Europe

A new apple initiative will give niche experts and an opportunity to study AI/ML through their newly launched one-year residency program. They will also get an opportunity to work on projects such as Siri.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) has become a central part of Apple’s development, with products such as the personal assistant Siri becoming a market leader in the field. Competition in the field of AI/ML has also grown in the past few years, and other companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Google and Nvidia have heavily invested in the technology including starting residency programs meant to get niche experts in their team.

AI/ML program for niche experts

Now Apple has also launched its own yearlong AI/ML residency program and they have tailored it to target niche experts. The program promises immersion and mentoring of members who will take part in advancing their careers in the industry.
They also indicated that their ideal candidates do not necessarily have to come from a tech background. However, taking part in the program will help these candidates to expand their knowledge in the field and be able to apply their AI/ML in their industry.

Skills required

They indicated that they will be targeting people from fields such as cognitive science, psychology, physics, robotics, public health, or computer graphics as they indicated that these candidates will help the company expand on their ability to solve people’s problems. However, they placed a caveat that these candidates must have programming proficiency and have a graduate degree or an equivalent.
Apple indicated that people from locations such as Cupertino, California; Seattle, Washington; Cambridge, U.K.; Zurich could apply for the program. They also indicated that applicants from California would be allowed to work on the Siri projects, whereas other applicants would work on various projects that would be given by Apple.
The program will start with an AI/ML coursework for niche experts that will be selected. Then it will proceed to machine learning projects, that will give these experts an opportunity to present their work at an academic conference.
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