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The University of California: SAT and ACT exam requirements no longer a requirement

The University of California: SAT and ACT exam requirements no longer a requirement

It is no longer a requirement to submit SAT and ACT exams in order to be admitted to the University of California.
Students applying for a place at the University of California will no longer be required to present their SAT and ACT exams, the university has announced. The decision was voted by the Board of Regents will become effective immediately.
In a statement, the university indicated that the new methodology of admissions would cover the next three academic years for freshmen applicants. It continued by saying the policy will then be reviewed in 2024 to see its effectiveness.

The University of California plan

In the next three years, the University of California will develop its own tests that it considers to align with their policies. These tests will be used to test students who have received their education in the US.
For international and out of state students, the university admitted it was still developing a test that could be able to examine them. This will ensure these students, who are not preapproved by the system, are able to qualify.
The cancellation of the SAT and ACT requirement will be implemented on all ten campuses of the University of California. The university boast of being one of the largest in the country with more than 280,000 students, staff and members of faculty totaling more than 227,000 and more than 10 campuses.
The admission to university using these tests has always generated a debate on whether it gives some students an edge. For instance, students from poor backgrounds perform poorly compared to students from well to do backgrounds.
It has long been known that students from affluent families are able to afford expensive prep courses. These courses help them prepare better than their counterparts and when they take the tests, they always have edge and end up performing better than other students. The end of test requirement as a criterion for admission may also motivate other universities to follow the same path.
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