Learn English as a second language, 9 effective ways

learn english as a second language

For all who want to learn English as a second language, with the right attitude and mindset, the process can be fun. Once you get the basics right, you start to appreciate that studying English grammar is very easy. This is common when it comes to learning a new language.
Grammar can be hard but once you start but later you realize every step in the process has a purpose. Just like many languages, to learn English as a second language takes time. You do not perfect everything in a single day; you have to go through the process.
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Learn English as a second language

1. Studying grammar by learning words

When you want to learn grammar easily, you need to start from the word level.  Words are what make every language stand out. However, words will not make sense if you do not know what they stand for; get a dictionary. This can be online or from your local bookstore.
Once you learn a new word, make a habit of using it very often. You do not have to be conscious of the grammar part. It starts to make sense when you hear others speak the word or when you speak it.

2. Do not limit yourself on words

Grammar is very broad and you should not limit yourself to words. This might be hard when you are getting started by a wide range of vocabulary that helps you use different words to suit different scenarios.  A wide word range is the beginning of enriching your grammar. Set a daily target of words to add to the ones you have learned.

3. Talking to others

Talking to other people is a fun way to grasp English grammar. When you talk to others, you become part of the society.  You cannot practice the words you learn without communicating with others. Through talking you get to learn more and others will feel free to correct you when you go wrong.
Socializing through the written or spoken word is a surefire way to master English grammar. It helps you learn how words are used, do not concentrate on the rules; instead, let your words flow. By simply talking to other people, you learn how words are used and start applying the same.

4. Watching and learning

Learners tend to retain more when they watch compared to reading.  Watching movies and videos in a language you are learning is an easy way to make your grammar better. However, you need to select movies and videos that are simple to watch and understand.
You do not have to rush through what you watch; you can always rewind and get to understand what is being said. This will improve your word choice when constructing sentences.  A video or movie with subtitles is recommended in perfecting your grammar.

5. Be willing to be corrected

Since you are learning, it is important to let others know you are willing to be corrected. Once you make it clear, others will know you are not offended by their corrections. The best way to learn a new language is through mistakes.
On-the-spot corrections are the best; you never get to repeat the same mistake again. This works very well when it comes to the written word. You can always see your mistakes through the edited copy. Take criticism and corrections positively, always.

6. Understand the components of speech

This is the best part; you are now putting your grammar learning to the test. Now that you have a rich vocabulary, you need to fit the words in the puzzle by knowing how, when and where to use them. Putting together the words you have learned forms part of a speech.
When you know the components of a speech, you begin to appreciate how words form a clear sentence. At first, this might look confusing but with a little practice, you find everything falling into place. You do not have to force the components; just allow them to flow naturally.

7. Identify speech patterns

To identify patterns, you need to construct sentences. At first, this might seem hard but, any correct sentence means you are perfecting your grammar. However, it is important to note that perfect English grammar is different from French.
You might not learn all speech patterns in a day but as you keep practicing and making notes, you will realize how easy it becomes with time. Develop the habit of making notes for future reference.

8. Learn and practice basic verb forms

To perfect your grammar, understanding the verb forms is very important. There are two types of verbs; regular and irregular. These follow a pattern depending on whether they are in the past, present or future. For example; bake is present and the past is baked. You simply add “d” at the end of “bake”.
You do not have to agonize over these when you are getting started. As you watch and listen to others, you begin to understand the past, present and future tenses. This is how you start to put together your grammar building blocks.

9. Use a learn-English-as a second language app

The internet is a good resource when it comes to learning your English grammar. There are so many applications you can download to help you learn grammar on the go. You can choose according to your grammar level and keep upgrading to mastery level.
Some of these Apps are user-friendly and will take you through all the key steps. Depending on the functionalities, you have the option to choose your grammar level and keep learning as you advance. You can opt for free or paid Apps depending on your budget.

There you go, now it’s time to apply knowledge…

Learning English as a second language is easy when you have the right tools. However, your willingness to go through the entire process will determine your success rate. Learning a new language is a long process but when you make it fun, it takes a shorter duration.
Being able to speak English is not just about being able to communicate with native English speakers, it is the most common second language in the world. If you want to speak to someone from another country then the chances are that you will both be wanting to learn English as a second language.


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