How to study English grammar: 12 ways with easy questions and answers

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How to study English grammar is a huge challenge for many learners. However, if you plan your study in a systematic way, you will be able to learn fast and effortlessly.
There are several ways that you can get started and advance and overcome the perceived bottlenecks.
Some of the most effective ways to study English grammar include speaking and writing. This is however not enough. You need to go further and understand how to construct a grammatically correct sentence both written and spoken. Once you master the basics, you will be able to build confidence in a very short time.
Learning a new language can be quite rewarding but studying it takes time and hard work. All you need is the right mindset and determination to develop the right skill sets towards mastering the language. Here are some 12 easy ways to study English grammar through questions and answers.

1.   Speak a little English each day

Like any other new language, practicing how to speak English is the surefire way to start gaining confidence. Take advantage of other English speakers near you and start by speaking a little English daily. Learning through mistakes is one of the best ways of learning a new language.
Always think in English and your native language. This helps you in switching languages fast. This way, you can easily talk to yourself in front of a mirror. At first, it might appear funny but once you gain confidence, you will have fun. To add to it, you can try tongue twisters, they will improve your diction and speaking speed.
To get started with improving your spoken English, you can get started with FluentU. They offer fun and easy ways to study English grammar. This is a free online resource and you can choose what suits your study needs. Better still, you can compare your English grammar proficiency with questions and answers here.

2.   Work on pronunciation

Before you get started working on your pronunciation, you need to overcome the fear of listening to yourself. Part of how to study English grammar is to become proficient in punctuation and to perfect your skills; you need to do as many punctuation quizzes as possible.
The more you practice the better. ProProfs has what it takes to help you master your English punctuation. By attempting these questions, you will experience a fun way of perfecting your punctuation. Work on the questions and check out the answers and find out where you went wrong.

3.   Use Idiomatic phrases and expand your vocabulary

Thinking what else is needed on how to study English grammar? You need idiomatic phrases to level up your game and become more confident. With daily practice, your English will start sounding more native and you will not feel out of place when you are communicating with your peers.
TutorialRide is an online resource that will help you evaluate your idiom usage. This improves your communication skills. By practicing them, you get to understand what they mean and where and when to use them.

4.   Attend English classes or join study groups

Depending on your schedule, attending English classes or joining study groups is a surefire way to learn English grammar fast. You get to interact with other learners and get clarification from your tutor or group leader. Groups or classes are ideal setups where you can be corrected and learn fast if you take criticism positively.
There are free online classes if you are the busy type and these can help you study English grammar. However, you need a lot of discipline to learn fast. Alison for example; is an online platform offering free online speaking and writing courses. However, the online class should match your study level.

5.   Make use of your dictionary daily

Planning how to study English grammar is quite a huge task and you need the right tools to overcome any obstacles on the way. A dictionary is very important. It works as your reference point when you need a word or phrase clarifications.
You can get a good English dictionary from your local bookshop or just download a free version online. The Macmillan is a good dictionary and it is free online.
You can make use of it and check out words and phrases you do not understand.

6.   Work on your writing, listening and reading skills

When studying any language, writing, reading, and listening skills are very important. So, how do you perfect these skills given that they are the backbone of a new language? To advance in English grammar, learning to listen, read and write are inseparable.
At Test English, you can improve all the above skills from one portal. The online free resource takes you through text reading and thereafter questions to hone your skills. You can also choose a writing test and improve on constructing sentences. On listening skills, you have a choice of audios that you can listen to and put them down in writing.

7.   Watch English movies or videos

Make watching English videos and movies part of your English grammar study. This way, you can learn new words, idioms, and expressions that you might not get elsewhere. With movies and videos, you can always rewind or set the speed that suits you. This way, you get to improve your pronunciation whilst enriching your vocabulary.
The English Club has a rich collection of movies and videos that cover grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary among others. These are some must-have visuals for anyone studying English grammar.

8.   Read English books, newspapers and magazines

The best way to improve your study on any language is by developing the culture of reading. There are many English books, newspapers and magazines that you can read and enrich your grammar prowess. These can be old reading materials from the local library or home.
Read them and soon you will realize how easy you can read and understand without going back to your notes or dictionary.

9.   Keep a diary of your progress

Keeping a diary of how to study English grammar and your progress might sound easy but it is not. This is how you measure your progress against set targets. How then do you measure your progress? Here is how; take a test in punctuation today and record the score. Next time, do the same and compare the two and see if you are progressing or not. Always be honest to yourself to easily advance to the next level.

10.   Practice daily

Daily practice helps you build confidence in your English grammar. You can practice on your own or with your peers. The group practice has always been the best; it is personalized, there is freedom interacting with fellow learners and you can easily relate with the group.
However, the most important thing is to learn something new every day. This way you can build on the daily learnings and practicing the same. Remember, a notebook can come in handy to write down new words and keep using them.

11.   Think English

To easily perfect your English and read, speak and write like a native, think English. This way, you will be able to distance yourself from your native language (if English is not your first language). Once you know how to study English grammar, the next thing you know you are able to respond fast to questions and do not fumble.

12.   Learn through Mistakes

Anyone makes mistakes and this is normal when you are studying any language including English grammar. However, you should not repeat the same misstate; instead, learn from it. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes hence you need to pick the positive from the mistakes and learn from them.


One of the best and easiest things you can do to start learning English on Twitter is to follow educational accounts. There are many Twitter accounts that post daily tips, tricks and vocabulary words. Many of these accounts also encourage you to practice right there on Twitter.
how to study english grammar
Learning a new language and perfecting the grammar is not as hard as many learners think. If you know these ways of how to study English grammar into practice, you will discover the secret behind any new language. However, when practicing, go for the question and answer way; it simplifies your study process.
Of emphasis is practicing what you learn. Remember, to study English grammar is a process and takes time to attain the right proficiency and confidence in all areas you are studying. How fast you speak, write and understand English grammar lies within you; work hard at it.


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