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Comedian Steve Harvey offers scholarships to 8 students from his Alma Mater

At a time when students are suffering from the burden of educational loans, Comedian Steve Harvey offers eight scholarships to first-year students at Kent State University.
These scholarships will cover tuition fee of all the four years. The only catch is that the students should maintain a two-point-five (2.5) grade point average – not a bad deal at all!
Steve & Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which focuses on enriching the lives of youth through education will be disbursing the scholarship amount to the eight selected students.
The scholarship is awarded in the memory of Devin Moore. Moore was a journalism major who passed away while playing basketball at the college recreation center.
The cost of attendance for each student will be twenty-three thousand USD. In addition to this, the foundation has also donated ten thousand USD to Kent’s M.E.N – “Male Empowerment Network” – which supports the professional development of men of color at Kent State.
According to the press release from Kent State, the foundation’s total pledge comes up to seven hundred and thirty-six thousand USD.
Anthony Morris Jr, one of the eight winners of this year’s scholarship, said:
“I believe it’s a blessing, truly. It came out of the sky, you know? After four years of working hard athletically and academically, just waiting for a chance to come. So, for this to just come out of nowhere, it’s amazing.”
Applications and eligibility criteria for the scholarship of the next batch will be updated on the college website in August 2020.


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